Important announcement:


Dear customers,

For the iStyle Service the health of our employees and clients is the number one priority. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the Coronavirus, and in accordance with the World Health Organization recommendations, we would like to inform You about the changes when it comes to receiving devices into the Service, all with the aim of protecting the health of our customers and our employees:

  1. Regularly check our webpage where we publish all information regarding current situation.

  2. Apple recently released a text how to properly clean the product. If you really need to bring your device, please follow the instructions provided at the following link and clean and disinfect your Apple device.

  3. Appointment booking is mandatory – We want to limit the number of people in the reception area, ie. there can always be only one person in the Service. Please, do not come in groups. You can book the appointment by clicking on the button below.

  4. On-site diagnostic tests are suspended until further notice in order to reduce user-technician interaction. As soon as the service protocol is printed we will ask you to leave the service. You can send any additional questions to mail Try to be as detailed as possible when booking an appointment to avoid unnecessary delays.

  5. If You need to make a payment we will ask you to make the payment electronically. The World Health Organization has stated that paper notes and coins could be potential carriers of the Coronavirus.

  6. When picking up the device, it is important that leave the Service as soon as possible. For any additional questions You can contact us at

  7. If You requested delivery, it is very important that you follow instructions of the courier. iStyle Service uses D Express delivery service and their employees are equipped with disinfectants and are using all necessary protection and caution in order to avoid endangering their wellbeing and that of their customers.

We would like to ask you to follow the instructions of the relevant institutions and take care of your health first and foremost.

iStyle Servis
Apple Authorized Service Provider